Saturday, June 26, 2010

Banner Adds for my Forum Signatures.

Well I fetched more water today for my fish tank. When I got home I thought of designing some banners for my signature. Now people can click on them to link to my Blog, my Artificial live rock gallery on MASA, Marine Aquariums South Africa and also Henk's importer business for Omega One fish food and other Aquarium Products.

What I learned today: MASA only allows banner adds that are "200 by 200 pixels or 20.0 KB (whichever is smaller)".So after much struggling in Photoshop trying to change the image size without, well changing the image size, I discovered under "File" "Save for Web" the function that saves it as a Gif or a Jpeg for the Web. This drastically reduces the file size, but still gives you a nice large image. Now if only I can attach the links to the Gif in Photoshop already I wont have to do it in each forum.

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